How Bartisans leveraged mason to convert more users

mason’s platform seamlessly understood customer preferences and concerns and catered to every nuanced need of the Bartisans customer.

In the vibrant heart of Bombay, a revolution brewed silently, promising to redefine the landscape of home-based beverage crafting. As the world grappled with the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic, Bartisans sprouted in 2021 as a symphony of flavours.

With a rich array of DIY cocktail kits, Bartisans quickly captivated the discerning local market, offering a pallet of fresh and all-natural ingredients, opening the doors to a world of culinary adventure and excitement.

The Challenges

Carving a Niche in the Market

While Bartisans enjoyed experimenting with different flavors and offerings, not all were well-received. Finding the ideal balance between innovation and customer preference, and identifying the perfect market fit remained a persistent challenge.

Scaling the online business

As Bartisans grew, the need for an optimized online presence became evident. The initial website, although functional, lacked several features necessary for a seamless customer journey, hindering the potential for higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. While customers loved the flavours, there would be frequent drop offs and cart abandons.

The Solutions

Leveraging AI Personalisation to Optimise Customer Journey

mason’s platform seamlessly understood customer preferences and concerns and catered to every nuanced need of the Bartisans customer. Through innovative segmentation and personalisation features, mason drove higher conversions for users already coming to the website.

“While some of the impact of having Mason is easily quantifiable, some of it is indirect, but we've seen a significant uplift in our conversion rate ever since we started using mason.”
- Aastha Desai, Head of Marketing @Bartisans

Optimising the website for conversions

Implementing mason's data-first approach to finding opportunities for high conversions, along with it’s powerful AI martech solutions, mason played a pivotal role in enhancing the website's conversion rate. The strategies not only make users stick but also significantly contributed to the brand's revenue within a short period.

”With Mason it became really easy to tailor and optimize the customer journey on the website even without a developer.”
- Aastha Desai, Head of Marketing @Bartisans

Mason’s Strategic Alchemy in Action: $1800+ Revenue in 30 Days

In its glorious journey, Bartisans has metamorphosed from a promising start-up into a formidable force in the DIY cocktail sector. A testament to the brand’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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